Add the Mobility Medical Supply website to your Home Screen

  1. Open your browser (doesn't matter which one you use) and go to
  2. On your Google device select the Settings Button (3 vertical dots) in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Or on your Samsung device tap the soft button on the bottom left of the device.
  4. In the menu, press on the star, which will bring you to a new page to then enter specific data about the page which you are bookmarking, like name, address and the folder where it will be saved. Select save to finalize the bookmark, which then brings you back to the webpage.
  5. Once you are back on the web site, hit the settings button again, but this time choose bookmarks. There you will find different folders where you can save bookmarks. I saved mine in ‘Mobile bookmarks’
  6. .
  7. Find the bookmark and long press on it. This will then cause a new menu to display with a few commands. Choose ''add to home screen''.
  8. Close out of this and return to your home screen. You will find it among your many pages and you can long press and drag it to move it to the desired location.