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VitalStim Plus Dysphagia Therapy Unit with biofeedback sEMG VitalStim Plus Dysphagia Therapy Unit

The long awaited successor to the original VitalStim Therapy Unit is finally here and the differences are remarkable.

  • 4 channels allow for facial and anterior throat placements (above or below the hyoid) simultaneously or use them for concurrent therapy with 2 patients at once.
  • Full color, touch screen interface, including a stylus and dock, making it simple to use
  • Interactive sEMG biofeedback to aid in maximizing patient exercise efficiency and results
  • VMS - an additiional waveform that allows the therapist to change certain aspects to customize the e-stim to their patients needs.
  • Bluetooth capability as well as micro SD card port to share session information to your computer. This also allows you to show this information on a larger screen for your patient.
  • SHARE program software that is preloaded with interactive games for your patient which again can be shown on a big screen
  • Onboard videos discussing popular exercises used during treatment
  • Onboard anatomical library showing different treatments, pathologies, and anatomy to educate the patient on their specific situation
  • A wired hand switch with the ability to dose the e-stim output at the discretion of the therapist
  • Sequenced estim delivery allows you to change the pattern in which the electrodes deliver the e-stim, varying the timing they come on

VitalStim Plus Rent to Own Program VitalStim Plus Rent to Own Program

VitalCare Technology offers a rent to own program for the
VitalStim Therapy Plus!

  • Stay within your monthly budget.
  • Help offset the upfront cost of the unit.
  • Pay 12 equal installments of $225 and the unit is yours.
  • Pay it off early with no penalty.

VitalStim Therapy Plus reference sEMG electrode VitalStim Plus Reference EMG Electrode

Pin type electrode for use with the sEMG functions of the Vitalstim Plus unit.

Our Price: $6.45
1.25 inch round white cloth electrode 1.25 inch, round, white cloth electrode

Fully compatible with the sEMG/biofeedback function of the VitalStim Plus unit as the reference electrode.
Price includes 1 pack of 4 electrodes.

The ValuTrode 1.25" round, white cloth electrode provides the patient with superior quality at an economical price.
It combines high quality materials and comfortable stimulation.

  • Cloth backed, reusable and self-adhering, carbon film electrode with patented MultiStick adhesive gel to provide maximum longevity, performance and durability
  • Easy to use and pliable
  • Long lasting, multiple applications, for single patient use
  • Minimal edge curl
  • 35 mil gel thickness

Our Price: $3.25