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VitalStim Therapy and Columbia Scientific offer neuromuscular electrical stimulation for the treatment of dysphagia. VitalCare Technology is the oldest dealer of VitalStim Therapy and has recently brought on Columbia Scientific as an additional partner which allows us to offer you the lowest prices for your dysphagia needs anywhere. Combine this with our award winning customer service and the value we bring is unbeatable! But dysphagia products are not the only thing we offer. VitalCare Technology has been a leader in electrotherapy for over a decade. We have all your electrotherapy needs and shopping with us is always secure, quick, and easy.

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VitalStim Therapy Adult Dysphagia Electrodes 50 packs VitalStim Therapy Adult Dysphagia Electrodes 30 packs VitalStim Therapy Adult Dysphagia Electrodes Single Box of 12 packs
VitalStim Plus Dysphagia Therapy Unit with biofeedback sEMG Columbia Scientific Adult Dysphagia Electrodes - 10 pack Provale Cup 5cc keeps those with dysphagia same while drinking
Columbia Scientific Adult Dysphagia Electrodes - 10 pack Primera TENS and NMES electrical stimulation unit VitalStim Therapy Youth Dysphagia Electrodes single box of 12 packs
Columbia Scientific YouthDysphagia Electrodes - 30 pack Columbia Scientific YouthDysphagia Electrodes - 10 pack Columbia Scientific dysphagia unit 6000B